Three Benefits Of Insulating A Crawl Space Under An Enclosed Porch

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Three Benefits Of Insulating A Crawl Space Under An Enclosed Porch

21 August 2017
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Crawl spaces are those places where you can crawl in and store things, if you want to. Some people have crawl spaces underneath their enclosed porches. These spaces exist because the enclosed porches were once outdoor porches until someone built a structure around them. If you have a crawl space under an enclosed porch, you may want to insulate it. There are at least three benefits to doing so.

1. You Reduce the Amount of Lost Heat

Because this type of crawl space is almost open to the outside, your home is probably losing a lot of heat in the colder months. The heat goes right out of the crawl space and finds an exit to the outside. By insulating the crawl space, you prevent the loss of heat and increase the energy efficiency of your home.

2. You Can Keep This Space Drier

Insulation has a way of soaking up dampness and a little extra water. Insulation fibers draw the water in, and less water covers the floor of the crawl space. This makes it easier, and a little more enticing, to use the crawl space under your porch for storage. Otherwise, the crawl space is almost virtually useless.

3. You Can Heat the Crawl Space to Keep the Porch Warm

Enclosed porches can be very cold places in fall and winter. Most people would rather avoid sitting on/in their enclosed porches during these months because it is no fun to sit there in a winter jacket. If you insulate the crawl space under the porch, then you can heat this space, too. That, in turn, creates a much warmer porch and a place for you to sit and relax, even on the coldest of winter days. If your enclosed porch also has several windows, then the sun combined with the insulation and heat in the crawl space makes for a very cozy and quiet place to sit.

DIY or a Contractor

If you are brave enough to crawl on your belly or knees and install insulation in the crawl space, feel free to do so. Most homeowners usually cannot do this, either because the space is too cramped for them, or because they are worried that they will not do a decent job. If you decide to hire a contractor, hire an HVAC contractor or general contractor. Either of these professionals can not only insulate the space, but also install heating vents to make the space, and the porch, very warm.

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