The Best Choices for In-Floor Heating Plumbing and Elements for Different Types of Installations

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The Best Choices for In-Floor Heating Plumbing and Elements for Different Types of Installations

24 March 2017
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If you want to have an energy efficient heating solution for your home, in-floor heating systems are a great choice. There are also some choices to make for in-floor heating installations, which start with weather you choose a hydronic or electric system. You will also need to choose between different types of plumbing or the heating elements for electrical systems. Here are some of the choices that you will need to make for in-floor heating systems in your home:

Hydronic In-floor Heating Systems and the Plumbing Options for Lines

Copper Tubing for New Construction—Copper is a durable solution to use for your home when it is being built. Copper tubing is durable and installed beneath concrete or lightweight mortar. The copper tubing will also perform better than other materials because it conducts heat better, providing your home with more thermal energy for heating.

Plastic and PVC Pipes For In-floor Heating—Plastic plumbing products are relatively new, but they are a great solution for floor heating in home remodeling projects. These materials can easily be used with materials like wood flooring and special subflooring installation panels; making installing quick and easy. Since the plumbing is plastic, it will also cost significantly less than copper systems of the same size.

Electrical Elements for Floor Heating Systems in Renovations and Remodeling

Heating Mats for Thin Flooring Materials—Electric flooring is a good choice for smaller home renovations and remodeling projects. If you want to add an electrical floor to a small space like a bedroom or study, floormats can be installed beneath thin flooring materials like wood and laminate products. Elements can be embedded in the rubber molds that will be used as a pad beneath your flooring. This is a good solution for tiles and other flooring systems that use thin materials, such as laminate tiles, wood or engineered flooring products. It is also an excellent choice if you want a renewable energy solution. 

Electrical Elements in Mesh for Tiles—Electrical elements are most commonly available in wire meshes that are usually installed beneath tile materials. The elements are laid in the mortar of tile for bathrooms and kitchens, which make them great choices for home renovations and remodels.

These are some of the choices that you have when you want an in-floor heating system installed. If you want to improve energy efficiency of your heating system, contact rubber mold service like Northern Power to get the elements needed for an electric in-floor heating system.