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propane for a reliable energy source

Propane was one source of energy that we overlooked when we were building our cabin at our campground. We decided to use wood to heat the cabin and electric for everything else. What we didn't count on was the power going out at the cabin often. When the power goes out, we have no way to cook or heat the water. That is why I started looking for an alternative energy source. After talking with some other owners of camps in the area, I found out that many of them rely on propane to heat, cook with and heat the water in their cabins. Find out how propane can make building a camping cabin a little easier and more reliable.

Weathering The Storm: How Standby Generators Keep Your Home Safe And Functional During Extreme Weather

21 April 2023
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You probably already know that power outages and emergencies can occur unexpectedly, leaving you and your family without electricity for hours or even days — and maybe you've resigned yourself to them just being part of modern life. However, a standby generator can play a crucial role in safeguarding your home and family during these times, providing essential power to maintain comfort, safety, and security. Here's what you need to know about the importance of standby generators in emergency preparedness: Read More …