A Diesel Fuel Delivery Service

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A Diesel Fuel Delivery Service

14 March 2022
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Diesel fuel is essential to the operation of a trucking company. Sending your drivers to a fueling station may be less cost-effective than having the fuel brought to your place of business. This type of arrangement will eliminate fuel shortages and will also help you keep track of your monthly fuel costs

The Fuel Shortage And Time Variables

A fueling station may encounter fuel shortages on occasion. A station may also be busy at peak times. These two variables could waste valuable time that your fleet crew could be on the road handling daily operations. With the addition of an onsite fuel delivery plan, you can request that all of your drivers park their vehicles in one area. Once the fuel is transported to your place of business, all of the fuel tanks can be filled simultaneously.

With this type of service, you will also have the option of storing fuel in a surplus tank. A diesel tank that is stored above or below ground can be used to keep a supply of fuel on hand. The excess fuel can be used to fill tanks in between fuel deliveries. The diesel can also be used to refuel vehicles that were actively being used to transport goods when a fuel load was dropped off at your place of business. 

The Assessment And Ordering Process

An assessment of how much fuel you have on hand and when you will need more fuel delivered can be difficult to complete if you do not keep careful records of fuel consumption practices and refueling sessions. After you sign up for an onsite fuel delivery service, you will have direct access to your client account. This account will show you how much money you spent on fuel, the date of delivery, and the amount of fuel that was delivered. This will allow you to compare fuel consumption details with the delivery details.

When you first begin ordering fuel in this manner, you may not be aware of how much diesel your drivers need each month. There may also be some occasions in which more or less fuel will need to be ordered. With a fuel delivery service at your disposal, you can use an online or phone ordering process. The fuel can also be set up to be delivered to your place of business on the same date each month. Payment and delivery options that a fuel supplier offers are outlined through a customer contract.

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